EcoFly Version 3.0 Released

Incorporate Greener Design, Develop Greener Products

EcoFly version 3.0 ( see pdf ) has now been released and has many new features. These include.

  • A separate simple user interface for designers.
  • Depository from which Environmental managers decide which data is available to users.
  • Allows entry or import of parts in grams, kilograms or tonnes.
  • Bills of materials able to handle parts with mixed weight units.
  • Ability to limit user visibility of a single customer or business.
  • Home page global search capability added.

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Did you know?

A typical 29inch TV will use more than 62,000 litres of water over its entire life cycle.

The EcoFly software tool is the first practical eco-design tool specifically developed to help designers and manufacturers track and demonstrate compliance with the EuP Directive and also create clear and different messages on environmental performance to customers.

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