How does EcoFly work?

EcoFly is a simple and practical software tool.  Feed in the Bill of Materials and information on the life of the product – such as how much power will it consume and what is the expected product life.  From this, EcoFly calculates the energy use, carbon emitted, waste generation and water consumption over the whole life of the product – from build through to end of life.   Applying EcoFly through the design of a product provides the dossier of evidence – and also provides the final evidence of compliance to EuP standards.  The tool also gives designers  suggested technical refinements, from the initial planning stage up until the final detailed design, in order to improve the eco-design of your product. EcoFly follows the normal product launch process according to ISO9001.

So, is EcoFly just a compliance tool?

EcoFly is also a self-improvement and benchmarking tool.  You can understand just where in the life of your product that most environmental impact arises.  Designers can also measure improvements over previous models.  Or benchmark products against competitors and best practice.   And it can also be used to meet eco design label requirements.  In short, it’s the first comprehensive life cycle design tool specifically developed for product designers. 

Call us for a demonstration of EcoFly today and we will respond to you within the next working day.  It has the power to both comply with the forthcoming EuP requirements and also create clear and different messages on environmental performance to customers. Call or email Graham Adams on +44 (0)1763 249850 / for further information. 

Using EcoFly

We recognise the way in which you wish to utilise EcoFly will be determined by your business needs, size and strategy.  Therefore we have developed a suite of services that will successfully meet those requirements:-

  1. Web Package – EcoFly is available as a software tool that can be accessed directly by your organisation via the internet.  Each user will be able to use EcoFly to assess existing products in addition to running future product launches.  We can provide all the relevant training to ensure the benefits of the tool are maximised within your business.
  2. Network Package – We are able to embed EcoFly within your existing IT systems.  We have technical specialists that are able to closely work with your business to ensure an effective and pain free integration into your current product software systems.  EcoFly will then be available across your business to take full advantage of the benefits that can be gained.
  3. Single User Package - Available as a runtime package for the PC and Mac and soon for the iPad. It has all of the features of the above except data cannot be shared between users. If later you want to upgrade to any of the above, data can easily be transferred.
  4. Assisted Use Package – We can feed your product information directly into EcoFly to generate the specific outputs you require, such as, compliance documentation, product analysis including carbon foot printing, and benchmarking services.

Email for more information and/or a demonstration of the tool